Nike Celebrate Kylian Mbappé & LeBron James With The ‘Chosen 2’ Pack

Celebrating two of the best athletes in the world and recognising their relationship and the impact they’re making on the future generation, Nike launch the The Chosen 2 pack, bringing the parallel paths of Kylian Mbappé and LeBron James together for the Mercurial Mbappé Chosen 2 and the LeBron 18 Chosen 2, which both stars are set to wear in upcoming games.

Earlier this week we got a close up look at the Mbappé edition of the LeBron 18, the NBA star’s signature shoe that we now know is part of the ‘Chosen 2’ pack, and it’s joined by official launch details and the Mercurial Mbappé ‘Chosen 2’. The design inspiration of both footwear pieces comes from the idea of duality, of parallel paths, from one champion to another. Both Mbappé and James are homegrown heroes, Kylian from the Bondy suburb, and LeBron from Akron, challenging places that shaped them both as a person and as players. No matter how far their abilities and hard work have taken them they have always been focused on giving back to their communities, to leave behind a better place than they found it. 

kmxlbj 3-min.jpg
kmxlbj 4-min.jpg

Drawing on the inspiration of both athletes, the Mercurial Mbappé ‘Chosen 2’ carries a KM X LBJ pattern and features a black and silver flair with an iridescent finish. A ‘Chosen One’ ambigram logo is found on the boot’s toe, and a 3D KM logo and LBJ is presented on the heel tabs of the shoes. A double swoosh sits on the forefoot and on the sock liners, where a basketball x football mashup appears on the left and a LeBron x Kylian ambigram on the right.

LeBron is a unique champion and I have the deepest respect for him on, but also off the court,” Mbappé explained. “He is an inspiration to me. From Akron to Paris, we are both taking action to move the lines in our society and offer a better world to the younger generation. I truly hope our common message will have a strong social impact and this is just the beginning of our stories. I want to inspire and carry this young generation, to show them everything is possible. I feel that this is our responsibility at this moment in time – to be vocal, to pave the way, to be the voice of the unheard – and perhaps even be role models they can look up to.” 

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