Nike Unveil The Mercurial Vapor and Superfly ‘Dragonfly’

Giving us a first proper look at the next generation of Mercurial, Nike have officially unveiled what is effectively the Vapor XIV and Superfly VIII, although they come with a new name… These are the Nike Mercurial Vapor and Superbly ‘Dragonfly’, so named for the agile nature of the creature on which the design is based.

We’ve been expecting the next generation of Mercurial having seen the prototype being tested out by players across Europe, but now we get our first proper look at both the Vapor and Superfly, suited up and ready for launch. And the upgrades don’t disappoint, with Nike once again revamping and evolving the perfection that went before for yet another fresh addition to the Mercurial legacy.

nike 8-min.jpg

The first change to take note of comes in the upper, which is not constructed from an Engineered Vaporsite Upper. Sounds techy, right? That’s because it is. It’s made up of four layers: Duragon Wet Traction, Engineered Mesh, Titan Synthetic and Avail Q lining, all working together to provide the perfect balance of fit, feel, touch and control in all conditions. 

Inspired by a dragonfly’s wings, and how they work better with their multi-wing physiology than they ever could with a single wing on either side, and the same principles apply – the construction working together for a far superior end result. And incase you’re worried about their being too much material? Just take a look at the almost transparent nature of the upper – the stripped-down design of the Flyknit upper is the first of its kind. Use of the minimal amount of materials leaves only what is truly needed while reducing its weight in the process.

nike 16-min.jpg
nike 17-min.jpg

On the underside, the split soleplate is now no longer split, connected instead by a spine that runs the full length, which works in conjunction with a responsive internal BZM chassis. And in case you’re wondering where they fit all the tech in, they’ve even numbered them on the upper.

nike 15-min.jpg

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