PSL not in agreement with the arbitration’s outcome.

The controversial decision was taken by the arbitration after handed Sekhukhune FC 3 points in the ruling that failed to field the correct number of U-23 players during a GladAfrica Championship meeting, which ended up in a 1-0 win for Polokwane.

Premier Soccer League not in agreement with the Disciplinary Committee’s ruling, they called an urgent meeting to discuss the outcome of the ruling and find appropriate judgment as per PSL disciplinary committee.

On 19 May 2021, a ruling was handed down in the arbitration between Sekhukhune United Football Club and Polokwane City Football Club. The arbitration ruling has created uncertainty in relation to the discretion afforded to the PSL Disciplinary Committee to determine an appropriate sanction for acts of misconduct in each case.

It has always been the position that the PSL Disciplinary Committee is required to consider the range of sanctions available for acts of misconduct and then exercise a discretion as to what the appropriate sanction should be in each case.

An urgent special meeting of the Executive Committee of the PSL was convened to consider the matter. It is the view of the League that it is not correct, as the arbitration ruling holds, that the PSL Disciplinary Code is silent and that the Disciplinary Committee had to impose a mandatory sanction under the FIFA Disciplinary Code.

The FIFA Disciplinary Code may only be reverted to when the PSL Handbook is silent on an issue. In this particular case, the PSL Handbook is not silent and provides the Disciplinary Committee with the discretion to consider a range of sanctions.

The PSL is aware of the confusion that has been created as a result of the arbitration award. The PSL is in the process of considering several options and has been in communication with all Member Clubs in this regard.

We confirm that the final matches taking place this weekend will proceed as planned

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