adidas Launch The ‘Atmospheric Pack’

Kicking off autumn with a fresh blast of on-pitch newness, adidas launch the Atmospheric Pack which will be worn by a select number of their professional players for the next month. Black, white and gold is on the menu as the Three Stripes serve up dishes for the Predator and Nemeziz series.

You file this pack under classy we reckon. Black/White/Gold always hits that sweet spot between premium and low key, and that’s exactly what we’ve got here with the Atmospheric Pack. While the COPA and X somewhat unusually sit this one, the Predator takes on an almost classic feel with that flash of shimmering gold on the heel, while the Nemeziz arrives with a brand new aesthetic.


The Predator needs no explaining does it? If you like tradition with an inject of class then this colour update ticks the box, but the Nemeziz needs a little bit more attention as for the first time adidas have tinkered with the aesthetic to create a split design that is dark on the outstep and white on the instep – a much need remix for the silo we reckon. Worth mentioning that they’re both available in laced options too.nem3.jpg

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